Thursday, July 12, 2012

Signs you’re an RV mama

  1. Your new best friends are birds and squirrels, who expect you to feed them daily. The geese aren’t bad, either.
  2. You know what “black water” is. You can even empty a black water tank without gagging. See So, You Think You Had a Bad Day if you don't believe me!
  3. You know how to cook tater tots on a grill. In fact, you can cook almost anything on a grill to avoid heating up the inside of the RV.
  4. Food on a stick gets you giddy.
  5. Same thing with anything wrapped in tinfoil. Like Smores in a Cone….
  6. You can chock a wheel, let down a jack, and level a camper.
  7. You are adept at cramming everything a family of four needs into a 31 by 8 foot box, with every conceivable nook and cranny full.  You’ve figured out that baking sheets store perfectly inside the oven, cereal containers fit just right under the table, and the walking area beside the bed is a treasure trove of space.
  8. You encourage your kids to play in the mud/ leaves/ woods/ etc.
  9. You actually go looking for bugs, spiders, worms, and other creepy crawlies. Some crazy members of your brood go looking for snakes, too.
  10. You get positively elated over a new plastic tablecloth.
  11. You know what it means when you hear, “Honey, get the stick!”                                                                                                                                                                             
  12. You have perfected the art of the “camper shower”. So much so that 4 people can take showers on 6 gallons of hot water.
  13. When it starts storming, your kids know to drop one side of the awning and lower the Easy Up.
  14. You can fit two weeks or more of groceries into a compact refrigerator. You know that pouring a gallon of milk into two empty syrup containers fits perfectly into the refrigerator door.
  15. You know that Comet is not really for scrubbing the tub, but for sprinkling around the tires to repel ants.
  16. You can recommend the best brand of toilet tank chemicals.
  17. Your marriage is strong enough to survive guiding your husband to hook up to the camper.
  18. Your furniture is multi-use. It’s a table… it’s a storage container… no, it’s a …. BED!
  19. You can have all sorts of fun with cheap, around the camper items like trash bags or cornstarch.
  20. You can spend months on end in a camper with your kids and still love every second of it!


  1. This was like taking a trip back to my childhood! Haha! Perfection. I still remember the arguments my parents had over my mom guiding my dad to hook up the camper. To be fair, she was terrible at it. Ha!

    1. Glad you can relate... I have to keep repeating to myself "I love my husband, I love my husband..." while trying to back him up... because I am terrible at it too :)


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