Sunday, July 15, 2012

More ways to tell you’re an RV Mama:

  1. You instruct your children NOT to flush TP.
  2. You excitedly eye every new camper that pulls in for bikes, bunks, or any other indication of playmates for your kiddos.
  3. Your kids can identify every camper manufacturer there is.
  4. The sound of crickets and frogs is better than anything Pandora has to offer.
  5. Your idea of home decor is windchimes and whirligigs.
  6. "Housecleaning" takes 15 minutes... max. Ever.
  7. You know that Home is Where You Park It!
  8. When using a public restroom, you look for the foot flush pedal.
  9. Picasso? Nah. Nothing beats a sunset over the water.

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