Monday, January 28, 2013

RV Maintenance Monday: DIY Frugal Floor Duct Vent Covers and Stove Top Cover

Maintenance Monday: DIY RV (or mobile home) floor vent covers and Stove top covers 

Today is Day 3 of our new features! Today, we bring you RV Maintenance Monday!
At RV Maintenance Monday, we'll share how tos and DIY activities for keeping your RV or camper in tip-top condition. We'll feature tutorials for basic maintenance tasks like winterizing your RV or defrosting your RV refrigerator, as well as tips and tricks to make your home on wheels more livable.

Livability is a big part of RV life. That's one reason we are so happy with our Jayco Eagle. It is truly livable! But we've made some modifications along the way to increase the livability of our space. We'd like to share two of those with you today.

One big headache of RVs, or mobile home trailers, or even some brick and mortar homes is the floor vents. I don't know about your house, but in my house on wheels, you can look inside the floor vents at any given time and see cereal, hair bands, crayons, jewelry, and assorted crud inside the floor vents. Not only is it disgusting to look at, but there's always an inevitable earring or other important item that must be had right. this. minute. when we are running out the door. Plus those vents are just gross... in my RV anyways!

From nasty...
to neat!

So here's your 5 minute, 5 cents fix:
You will need a white bath pouf/scrunchie (Color really doesn't matter, but white is less noticeable).
You can do like I did, and use a used scrunchie for free, or you can buy one for $1. Your RV vents, your choice!

Cut the center rope that holds the bath pouf together. You will be left with  a tube of netting. Leave it in tube form, so it's doubled over already. Cut a length of netting long enough to cover your vent, with plenty of extra. Remove the screws holding down the vent cover (they usually are square headed screws) and lift up the vent cover. Spread the netting over the vent cover, and set the vent over back on top of the netting. Replace the screws. Use a pair of scissors, opened, like you are using an exacto knife or cutting paper, ran along the edges of the vent cover to cut off the excess netting.

Presto! DIV 5 Minute 5 Cent Vent Covers! The netting is so thin, it will not impede the flow of air in your RV heater or AC.

Our second RV maintenance project is just as cheap and easy! You will need white contact paper or shelf paper. I guess you could get crazy with the Cheese Whiz and do patterns or other colors if you desire.

From Nasty...
To Nice!

When we purchased our RV, the previous owners had let the stove top cover develop a little rust. It annoyed me to look at it, so I devised another 5 cent, 5 minute RV maintenance task!
You simply cut contact paper to fit the size of your stove top cover. You will want to measure each of the pieces separately, so it can still fold up. Stick the contact paper on the stove cover, being sure to press out any air bubbles. You will want to trim the edges and wrap around the sides for maximum attractiveness. I looked at replacing the RV stove top cover, and they run about $60 at Camping World. A couple pieces of contact paper... almost nothing! Hmm, you do the math! I think my DIY stove top cover looks just as nice- you can't even tell it's not original!

Well, that wraps up RV Maintenance Monday! DIY Floor Vent Covers and RV Stove Top Cover, both for 5 minutes and 5 cents!


  1. So glad I found your blog! I love coming up with thrifty (cheap) solutions for our camping trailer. We can trade ideas and results. Have you tried pennies in a baggie of water to keep away flies? It worked for us.

  2. Just purchased our first TT this past Spring. The first thing I did was purchase a back of register covers. Very inexpensive at Wally World. They are magnetic and stay in place quite well when heating system is not in use. They prevent all kind all that crud that can accumulate in the ducts. Wipe off easily and come up during heating season.


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