Monday, July 23, 2012

Camping tips

  1. If you’re like us, and have to bring everything but the kitchen sink (oh, wait, we brought that too!), think carefully about where you are planning to store everything and what you really, REALLY need. Did we need the above items? Nope!
  2. We usually spray our tires and jacks with insect spray to prevent ants from creeping into our camper. A fellow camper taught me a new trick I like even better…. Sprinkle Comet instead. Works like a charm!
  3. Unless you have full hookups, or you want a Honey, Get the Stick moment, use the comfort station during long trips.
  4. Bring a tarp (or use an old shower curtain)… they’re always useful. Ditto with duck tape and Teflon tape. And rope.
  5. Bring a bucket and some laundry detergent. Those sample packs you get in the mail work great for this. Put a little detergent in the bucket and fill with water. When you’re done swimming, dip your swimsuit in this before you hang it on the line to dry. They’ll stay fresh-smelling this way.
  6. Bring twice as many towels, blankets, and clothes than you think you need. Trust me on this.
  7. If your kids are like mine, and they have bikes and scooters or skateboards, bring both. I cannot tell you how many kids my kiddos have met this year that did not bring their bikes camping, but wanted to go ride and play with mine. Scooters saved the day. Ditto with bike helmets if you have extras.
  8.                 If you’ve got a new trailer, practice backing it up and hooking to it at home. Or don’t. It’s actually pretty funny to watch someone driving completely off a site, or husband and wife yelling at each other while moving in tiny increments to avoid hitting the tree they’re now stuck beside.
  9.                 Remember to unplug your power and water and let in your awning before you try to drive away. Don’t ask how we know this.
  10.                 A Pringles can is a great place to store grocery bags. An empty spice container works well to hold q-tips.

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  1. Great tips! I love #8 in particular! ha! Have a great week! Angie xo


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