Monday, July 30, 2012

My Children Will Do It Differently

They will know how to live closely with others. They’ll be able to handle that college dorm room with glee after living in a 31 by 8 foot space. They’ll understand that THINGS don’t make people happy. PEOPLE make people happy. Experiences make people happy.

They’ll comprehend that family is THE most important thing in life. They’ll put family first. They’ll know how to work together, to fix things, how to pull their weight. They’ll be nearly immune to peer pressure and labels and mean people, because they’ll be secure in who they are. They will know that they are loved… unconditionally. They’ll learn at their own pace, in the way that best meets their needs. They’ll be accepting of themselves and other people because they know we are all different and valuable. They’ll resist the pull of materialism and consumerism and keeping up with the Jones’. They’ll have an appreciation for this great country we live in that comes only from experiencing its wonders. They’ll know that there’s not one right way to live life. That it’s okay to be different, to step outside the box, to dream…

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