Monday, August 20, 2012

Lakey Lakey Hart

Thrifty Camping Fun: Stick Animals

I love, love, love Family Fun magazine. When I read this cool craft idea, I knew it was perfect for us!
All you need is sticks and paint. Well, um, we're camping.... so we have, like, what, a bajillion sticks available? Paint? Got that in my handy dandy Mother's Day Toolbox. So, we have a FUN, cute, easy peasy, and FREE family camping activity.
Da da da da dah.... I'm lovin' it!

These are actually a Mexican craft called Animalitos. I like that name much better than stick animals. Don't you?

When I suggested to Hunter that we make and paint stick animals, he looked at me like I was CUH-RAYZEE.... but, bless his heart, he decided to humor me. So, we went on a walk, looking for cool sticks. You want ones that have some semblance of "legs". After we found a bunch (on the ground), we arranged them all on the picnic table and envisioned them as animals. We painted the sticks a bunch of solid colors, then used paint pens to add details after they dried. I give you...

Stronponomous and Hartasaurus.

Hunter had a great time deciding what sounds our animals made, what their special skills were, how they walked, etc.

**Disclaimer: Please don't pull branches off trees. And check with your campground to see if it's okay to pick up fallen sticks. I know some places, like national forests, can be a little ticky picky about that sort of thing. :)
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