Thursday, July 12, 2012

So, you think you had a bad day?

So, you think you had a bad day?

Today started out, well, there’s no other word for it: stinky. As in literally. In delicate terms, it was beyond time to empty the black water tank. Mistake number 2: Waiting too long to empty the tank. We traded the non-waterfront host site with full hookups for a waterfront site with no sewer hookup. Today, I’m regretting that choice a little. Mistake number 1.

So, we get out our trusty rusty blue portable tank (you know, the kind with wheels that hooks onto your bumper). It was hot outside, which, of course, only exacerbated the smell. (Mistake number 3) Before we took the last load off (no pun intended there), we had our youngest, sweet daughter stand in the bathroom and aim the water hose down into the toilet to rinse it out. When we cut the water off, we asked her to bring the hose out. Mistake number 4. After at least an hour and two rather fragrant trips to the dump station, we were looking forward to a shower and some relaxation. (Mistake number 5: Thinking we could relax!) When we got back inside, we realize that our sweet angel had somehow left the toilet lever half depressed, so water was running into the tank. It was almost overflowing.

So, again, we head back outside to repeat the process all over again. On our first trip to the dump station, one wheel shatters into a million tiny pieces. So we pick up the heavy, stinking thing and chunk it in the back of the truck. Dump tank, and return for another fill ‘er up. Next trip to the dump station… what happens? Of course: the other wheel falls off.
Yes. It was a bad, bad day.

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