Monday, July 23, 2012

How to play basketball and soccer without a net

Camping Game: Sidewalk Basket Soccer
This campground is deserted. I’m not sure why. It’s summer… kiddos are out of school. It’s vaca time… but we’re almost the only people in the park. The kids are going nuts. All I hear is the B word… and I’m tired of it! The kids decided to play…. But one wanted to play basketball and the other wanted soccer. What to do, what to do? Especially with no soccer net or basketball hoop.
Invent a new game. Sidewalk Basket Soccer.
You draw two circles (the “hoops”) in chalk. One on either end of the “court”. Next to the “hoops”, draw a “net”(3 sided open rectangle) on either side. The “hoop”, since it is smaller, is worth 5 points. The larger “net” is worth 3 points. Players can choose to kick the ball into the “net”, or dribble and bounce the ball into the “hoop”. The other player can try to prevent the player from scoring like in basketball or soccer. The first player to 20 wins. 

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