Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nine Awesome Things About Camping:

  1. Meeting new people. We have met some great friends and fascinating people. And pups too... Taco here is our "Campground Dog".
  2. Time with our familiy and kiddos. Togetherness that comes from being really together, in a 31 by 8 foot space, for long periods of time. There’s no getting away from each other…
  3. Nature. There’s something magical about watching the sun rise (or set) over the lake, feeling the cool breeze, watching birds, squirrels, and deer…
  4. Rainy days. Right now, we’re all piled up in the living room/ kitchen/kids’ bedroom (take your pick there) watching a movie/ reading/ playing on iPads/ blogging. We’re together, we’re happy, we’re talking, playing, having fun… just being with each other.
  5. All the fun stuff there is to do: fishing, swimming, scavenger hunts, making food on a stick, grilling, crafts…
  6. It’s entirely possible to get the temperature in the entire camper down to 60 degrees… perfect for sleeping.
  7. Relaxing. Camping is the exact opposite of something like a Disney World vacation, where it’s go, go, go…do this, see that,, hurry, hurry, spend money. Camping is a REAL vacation.
  8. The price tag. Camping is affordable. A tent, a pop-up camper, a travel trailer, a fifth, wheel, an RV, or a luxury bus: there’s a camping option to fit every budget.
  9. You can't clean a house you're not at, and cleaning "house" here takes 15 minutes, max... and that's if you need to wash dishes and put away laundry too. 
  10. What's YOUR favorite thing about camping?

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