Monday, July 30, 2012

Eleven Guilty Pleasures of Camping

  1. Not knowing what day it is. While camping, we don’t have to be anywhere, punching a time clock, going to practice, or any other intrusions on our time. Do I know what day of the week it is? Probably not. Do I care? Absolutely not!
  2. Reading. I probably have read, oh, about 50 books this summer at the lake. At home, I just don’t do it. Now, that’s not quite as good as the summer I announced in a staff meeting, when asked to tell something interesting about my summer, “I read 82 adult books this summer!” It took ten minutes to restore order and explain (as opposed to children’s books). 
  3. Smores…. Yum!
  4. Watching birds and squirrels. Admit it, when was the last time (when you weren’t camping) you sat and watched birds, squirrels, and other furry little creatures?
  5. Roasted Marshmallows…. Gooey!
  6. Naps. There’s just something about camping that says, “It’s okay to take a nap”. Thanks, camping.
  7. It appeals to your senses. You breathe the fresh air, smell the black water bonfire, feel the cool, gentle breeze (or maybe, the sweat rolling down your back), see the sunset, shimmery water, and spinning whirly-gigs, hear the birds chirping, and taste the blackened hot dog cooked on a stick…. Aaah…. A picnic for your senses.
  8. Some people call it glamping… this is real camping to me, folks… a travel trailer with Air Conditioning, a toilet, a shower, and a 4 inch memory foam mattress on the bed.
  9. Knowing that you have, by far, the best campsite in the whole campground. The one people pull up and ask, hopefully, “When are you leaving?” Feeling kinda sorry for the people who get the cruddy campsites.
  10. Flip flops. 'Nuff said.
  11. The feeling of being so blissfully relaxed that it’s almost sinful. It should be illegal to feel this good. Feeling the worries, pressure, and stress just melt away the moment you set up camp.

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