Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ice Cube Sailboats

We had some fun today. Learned a little. Made some predictions. Made a hypothesis. Tested it out... we Roadschooled.... maybe we even Unschooled a little. But it was FUN!

  We filled these little deli containers with about a cup of water and some food coloring. After they froze (and in a dorm fridge, it took forever for them to freeze.) , we tried to use a knife to bore a hole in the ice big enough to put a 1/2 straw. Now, the knife thing probably would have worked, but it was taking a while. And, as part of Industrial Arts 101, as Dad calls it, Hunter is obsessed with tools. So, we got out the battery drill and drilled holes in the ice. We stuck the straw down in the ice and then poured a little more water on it. After that froze, we gave everyone a sheet of tinfoil to create their own sail...everyone's was a little different, based on what we predicted would sail the best. Popped the ice out of the containers, toted them down to the water, and set them off to sail. 

NOT at all what we predicted. Mine was the only one that stayed upright... I had a long, thin, tall sail. The rest fell over. We first thought it was because the ice was uneven (there's a lot of ice buildup on the inside of our freezer, so the bowls weren't 100% flat). We took the other sails off, and the boats stood up again.

As big as our boats were, they melted in a matter of minutes. I really predicted they would have lasted a lot lot longer than they did.

Fun? Check
Frugal? Check
Educational? Check
A memory with my kiddos? Check

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    1. Thanks so much! Following you back too :)


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