Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping Craft: Nature Bracelets

Along with our scavenger hunt, I took a piece of wide painters’ tape and wrapped it, sticky side out, loosely around the kiddos’ wrists. They thought I was nuts. As they looked for cool scavenger hunt items, they pressed neat nature finds to the bracelet… leaves, a clover, small shells, pebbles, tiny pinecones, acorn caps, etc… The boy, of course, was underimpressed… he thought it was cool to do, then was like, “ok, can I throw this away now?” Sigh….
But at least the girl liked it. In fact, she stuck it to the mirrored cabinet door above her bed… you know, the place she decorated with dry erase markers

Can you see it? That blue thing is her nature bracelet...Ain't it beautiful?

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