Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Camping Tip Tuesday

Today is day 4 of our new blog features. Introducing... Camping Tip Tuesday!

On Camping Tip Tuesday, we aim to provide you with short nuggets of information that you can use on your next camping trip. Plain and simple tips to make your camping trip easier. We've included tips for all types of campers, from tents to RVs- so hopefully you will find some tips to use the next time you camp!

Such as...

  1. Empty spice bottles make great containers for q-tips (Hey, you may not consider them a camping necessity, but I do!) or matches (glue sandpaper to the outside for striking the matches.
  2. Always, always, include a small travel kit of pain reliever, antacids, allergy medicine, tweezers, and first aid items.
  3. Use wet dryer sheets to clean bugs off your RV or camper. 
  4. Extra batteries for everything... flashlights, lanterns, etc.
  5. Pick up several packs of glow sticks at the dollar store. You can get 10 of the bracelets for $1, snap them on the kiddos, and always know where they are at night. Plus they're tons of fun to play with too- glow stick hunts (think Easter Egg hunts, with glow sticks), ring toss, dive into the water and find them, open them and pour into bubbles...
  6. We store latex/ nitrile gloves and a small bottle of hand sanitizer in our bumper with the sewer hose for use after the dump station. 
  7. Bring a rope to tie between trees to hang wet clothes and towels. 
  8. Baby wipes have 101 uses while camping. So do duct tape, ratchet straps, bungee cords, and clamps. 
  9. Make fire starters before your trip with dryer lint in an egg carton. Pour melted wax on top, and you have 12 fire starters.
  10. Some people invest in fancy and expensive camping lights, particularly for RV awnings. I just can't bring myself to do it, when we have a much more frugal, and still beautiful solution... Christmas Icicle Lights. 
  11. When RV camping, always make a final check before pulling off... Awning Latched? Antenna down? Wheel chocks removed? Water hose unhooked? Electricity disconnected? 
  12. If you're low on space, use a 7 day pill organizer to fill with small amounts of your favorite spices. 
  13. For RV campers, or those who will have electricity hookups, bring extension cords and a fan, particularly in the summertime. 
  14. Extra TP. More than you think you need. Trust me. 
  15. If you are camping in an RV that you use frequently, invest $50-$100 into a memory foam (generic) mattress pad. It will transform that cheap camper mattress!
  16. Sprinkle Comet around your campsite where your RV tires or jacks touch the ground to prevent ants from crawling up and entering your camper. I'm sure this would probably work for tents as well.
  17. Place a clamp, chip clip, binder clip, or similar on your RV antenna crank while it's up. The clip will serve as a reminder to let the antenna down when  breaking camp. 
  18. Check the weather forecast before you go. Pack accordingly. Always have an extra tarp and rain gear for unexpected showers.
  19. Make a list before you go. Check said list. Commonly forgotten items are bikes, scooters, floats, sand toys, flippers, toiletries, dish soap, trash bags.
  20. Check out the campground on the internet if possible before your trip. If you will have a choice of sites, have a list of a few that you like. Be aware of rules and regulations, like a locked gate, pet restrictions, quiet hours, restrictions on adult beverages, etc. 
  • What tips do you have to make camping easier? Check back next week for another installment of Camping Tip Tuesday!

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  1. A big yes for tip number 2! It is always necessary to bring along your first aid or medicine kit. Thanks for these camping tips!


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