Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Dream

Call us crazy. Go ahead. We'll wait.
Done? Great! Our family of 4- Lulu, Brian, 11 year old son, and 9 year old daughter- love to camp. We started out in an 18 footer and moved up about 5 years ago to a 31 foot Jayco Eagle. (Get the title now?) Those who know us know where we are whenever we have a spare moment: At the lake. We are very family oriented. If you see one Beasley, you see us all. We are happiest when we are all spending time together. As parents, we are concerned about the decline of family values in American society. We don't want to lose our kids as they grow older. We feel that it has been laid upon our hearts to do something daring: to hit the road with our children while they are still young. We plan to teach them things they can never learn in a traditional classroom. We hope to show them the wonders of this great country while getting to know our children in a way that most parents never do.
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