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Some people think we're crazy! We probably are... but in a good way, not in a "call the men in white jackets" kinda way! 
If you're crazy about camping, or your kids, or your family, you're our new best friends! Curious about Roadschooling? Wondering what life is like as a campground host? Dying to know why anyone would want to sleep in a camper parked in their front yard instead of a great big ole house? Come on in! We can answer all those burning questions, and more! Not a camper, but looking for "I'm Bored" activities, crafts, games, or science experiments to do with your kiddos?  We've got that too!

"We" are the Beasleys: Mom, who's also a teacher, Dad, who's the official roadschool teacher, and two "Irish twins", ages 10 and 11. We're fanatical avid campers who'd, well, rather be camping more than anything else in the world. We're RV campers, not tent campers (although my hat is truly off to tent campers! We know that "home is where you park it".  Our kiddos love camping so much, they even wrote a song about it!

We have a dream to hit the road and not look back! We're still not 100% on the road yet, but we're workin' on it! We've realized, after a life-changing camping trip, that the RV lifestyle was, to us, REAL life. The togetherness that comes from living on top of each other closely in a 31 by 8 foot space seems natural to us. The minimalism that comes from realizing you don't need so much junk possessions is freeing. We've begun letting go (as much as possible) of the "rat race", the rushing from one activity to the next without a moment to enjoy the amazing little people we are raising. We are enjoying and getting to know our children on a deeper level than ever before. Yes, there are some trying times (sometimes camping is stinky!), and sometimes I want to get a fork. But the rewards are so great. 

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Lynne and I am writing an article for a national history/social studies magazine for children on families who roadschool while rving. The topic of the issue will be entitled the Great American Road Trip and will be published in July/August 2013.

    I am contacting several families with school age kids who blog at Families on the Road. I would love to feature your family (from a kid’s perspective) in the article along with any high quality photographs of your adventures. Can you contact me directly and I'll tell you more about what I'm looking for? Thanks much.

    Lynne Hasselman (lynnehasselman@comcast.net), Portland, OR


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