Friday, July 20, 2012

Totally Tubular Camping Meal

We've discovered a totally frugal, totally yummy, totally easy, totally fun, totally customizable camping meal:
biscuits for dinner. Before you say, "huh?" hear me out. I am totally into easy cooking- we are on vacation and all that... the kiddos are totally into "fun" meals.... anything snacky or junky meets their standards. Oh, yeah, we also want it to be frugal. Some fellow campers who were leaving gave us a 4-pack of canned biscuits that were about to expire (or, as Lewis Grizzard used to call them, WHOMP biscuits). (BTW, said fellow campers were also friends... we're not so poor random folks feel the need to give us canned biscuits..ha ha.)

You know how you forget about things? Well, we had forgotten about canned biscuits. We enjoyed those suckers so much, we had to go buy some more. We also bought some toppings to go with them.
For $2.14, we got 4 ten packs of whomp biscuits. Then we bought: Pineapple preserves (if you've never tried this, RUN to the nearest grocery store. Oh my...),grape jelly, strawberry jelly, honey, syrup, and butter. We spent about $9 on the other items, but all that stuff we'll use in other meals as well. For our family of 4, 2 packs of biscuits works out great. 5 biscuits is perfect for each of us. We topped and customized them as we desired- honey, butter & syrup, jelly, cheese, just plain butter... the possibilities are endless. I figure we might have used 75 cents worth of toppings... maybe. 2 packs of biscuits was $1.07, so we had a fun, filling, fantastic, and frugal meal for under two bucks!

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