Monday, July 30, 2012

Our story

This is our view..every day... how lucky are we?

We’ve been full-timing in our RV for 3 months in a location close to home while working on a way to make this permanent… to truly embark on our dream. We still have a house (that we’re paying for while we’re RV-ing) and normal jobs. We both felt that hitting the road was laid upon our hearts. And we still do. We’ve been trying to figure out how to finance the journey. Neither of our jobs is something we can do while mobile. That’s the only thing holding us back right now… jobs and health insurance. School’s out for summer, so we’ve tried out the full-time RVing thing while we’ve been looking for a way to finance the dream. We really thought it would happen. We’ve prayed about it, researched, talked to people, spent countless hours online looking for a job or business we can do online and make enough to live the dream. Three months ago, we felt confident that it would happen. By August. We’d be able to quit our jobs, get rid of all our junk, and hit the road while our kid are still kids. Now, I’m not so sure. A week from today, my job will begin again. It’s a great job. I love it. But it’s not on the road with my family. So, now what? We’re still hosting… till the campground closes in Mid-Sept. So, as of now, we will continue to full-time it, driving back and forth to work and school. Our oldest will start homeschool here with Dad. We’ll still keep looking for the magic bullet to finance our dream. But it’s hard right now. I look at other Families on the Road and want to know how they can do it. Bone-crushing disappointment and discouragement threatens to swallow us whole. If not this year, maybe next year…

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  1. I just stumbled across your site through the Echoes of Laughter blog! Wow, it looks like a wonderful dream! I sure hope that you can make it work! I always wondered how families could manage financially to hit the open road so I hope that I will be able to read the answer here!
    We are just starting on the homeschooling journey ourselves this Sept. Our girls are 7 & 5 and they are really looking forward to it (as am I!). We plan to do unit studies to begin with and see where it leads us. I really like your ideas for learning in every state. I think that your children will learn so much more than they would being in a classroom.
    My dream (if we win the lottery!) is also to buy a bigger RV (we are currently in a 19ft trailer) and see all of Canada & the US. Would be an amazing experience!
    Have you read the book Hold Onto Your Kids? I'm just in the process and it may interest you.
    Good luck in your adventures!!!


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