Friday, June 29, 2012

Water Pinata... cool off

Frugal Friday

It is hot here... I mean HOT HOT... thank goodness for the AC in our camper. It's currently set on 55 right now, but with 105 degree temps, it's nowhere near that cool! So, to cool off, here's an idea: Make a water piƱata... made with cheapy trash bags at a cost of about 2 cents a pop.... that's my kind of fun!

1.     Using a water hose, fill a medium-sized plastic trash bag with a few gallons of water. Knot the top of the bag.
2.     Tie one end of a rope tightly beneath the knot. Toss the other end of the rope over a tree branch and either tie it securely or have an adult stand by to raise and lower the “pinata”

3.       Blindfold your kiddos, spin ‘em around three or four times, and let them whack the bag with a stick or broom. The winner gets soaked!

We have learned, the cheap, clear, thin bags work much better than a black garbage bag.

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