Monday, June 4, 2012

Shaking my head...

You would think that campers would generally be pretty environmentally conscious, right? You know, the type people to pick up after themselves, leave no trace behind, leave nature better than they found it, right? That’s what my family tries to do. One day at Hart State Park my family and I went on a family walk. We strolled around the park, up and down the hills, around the campsites, just enjoying the beauty of nature. Then we decided to go down to the shore, and next thing you know we find lots of cigarette butts. I’m not talking 1 or 2; I’m talking piles and piles. There were cans, beer bottles, plastic bags, rope, bottle tops, glass, and even dirty socks!  I felt like yelling at all the ungrateful people who left their litter in the beauty of nature. My parents couldn’t believe it. We picked up trash from tent camping all the way to our campsite. When we were done we had a whole 30 gallon black trash bag full of stinking garbage. My heart felt so warm inside after doing something good for nature and the park we love so much. My dad tells us to try to do one unselfish act every day. That was my act for the day.

So, when you go to Hart State Park, (or any other outdoor area) please, please do not litter!    

Published by Hunter

Mom and Dad here. 

To add a little to Hunter’s blog entry, we went to the beach today to watch the sunset.  A beautiful setting, or so one would think. Nope. Trash everywhere. While I took photos, Brian picked up trash. A grocery bag full… on a beach the size of a tennis court. Not one, but two pairs of shoes, 200 plus cigarette butts, a tube of toothpaste, bread ties, a towel,  the usual bottles and cans, and….. drum roll please…. The nasty award (We’ll call it the Honey, Get the Stick Award) goes to…. A USED feminine product.  Really, people? I mean, really????

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