Thursday, June 7, 2012

Campground sign

Check out our nifty sign! I’ve been eyeing with envy the fancy schmancy signs people hang at their campsite, so pulled out my awesome Mother’s Day gift, aka craft tacklebox, and made my own. I sponge-painted a plaque we got at Walmart for about 78 cents, painted the 43 cent bee, and removed the clips from a pack of tablecloth weights from the dollar store (which, btw, did NOT hold down our tablecloth). I used some paint pens to write our names and varied the length of the wire for our name stars according to age. The paint, wire, superglue, and beads we had on hand from other crafts. Brian brainstormed an old tent pole to hang it from and clear coated it for me. Hunter got bored one afternoon and made the welcome sign all on his own, using another 78 cent plaque. Total cost: $2.99. Compliments we’ve gotten: dozens. 

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