Monday, June 11, 2012

Under the Awning

As a parent on the road, continuously camping, sometimes things are out of your control. Such as rain for two days straight. This is when you must get inventive to keep the masses under control inside the camper. Yesterday wasn't so bad. It’s been a while since we've had a rainy day. Most of the day we all had a snuggle day in our room. Turned the a/c down to 55, our windows in the bedroom are blacked out, we put a dark container over the sunroof, and piled up and watched movies all day. It was glorious… we loved it! We ate ice cream and vegged out all day. It was reminiscent of when they were babies and I had Fridays off. We would get up with Lisa, eat breakfast and see her off to work, then we would make a pallet in the living room floor. We watched Rollie Pollie Ollie, Bear in the Big Blue House, Stanley, and then get up and have a great Friday. I always looked forward to Fridays as a great day to spend with my babies. Well, yesterday was exactly like that- a kid on both shoulders, piled up together. Then today I woke to pouring rain… again. Today would not be so easy. After watching movies all day yesterday, who would want to do that again? The kids woke up restless today. I knew then we were in for a crazy day. Lisa slept in for a little bit, so I laid back down with her for a little while. Shortly thereafter, the camper started to shake, rattle, and bounce like it was going to flip over. I jumped up and ran into the living room, where the kids had turned the floor into a wrestling ring. They were jumping from the couch into the air, landing on every blanket or pillow they could find to cushion their fall. That’s when Lisa and I decided to get on the ball of entertaining the kids before our camper crumbled to the ground! So we all went outside and talked “under the awning” for a little while. That didn’t last long, so we went for a walk in the rain.  That didn’t last too long either. We decided to go to the pavilion with the laptops and try out some of our ideas for homeschooling  on the road.  See our project ideas here. I haven’t seen these kiddos ever so excited to do school work, so, once again, I feel like everything we’re doing is heading in the right direction. So thank God for our Jayco 31 by 8…

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