Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning on the Road

Our whole journey will be an education of sorts. I’m still working on the curriculum. I’m a  big fan of project based learning- learning for a real life reason, not just because the teacher says so or to complete a worksheet. We’re planning to require them to do a project on every state we visit. They’ll learn the basic information before we visit, and they will be responsible for planning out what sites we should see. While we’re there, they’ll do some research and exploration, and will create some format of a project to share.
Here’s our state exploration project plan thus far:

Before the trip:
1.       Capitol
2.       Major Cities
3.       State Bird
4.       State Fish
5.       State Insect
6.       State Mammal
7.       State Tree
8.       State Flower
9.       State Motto
10.   Population
11.   Size in square miles
12.   Geographic features
13.   State flag
14.   Crops produced
15.   Major industries
16.   Natural Resources
17.   State Nicknames
18.   Historically significant locations and events, like battles, settlement, etc.
19.   Native American tribes
20.   Governor
21.   State song
22.   Famous people from the state
During the trip, kids will be responsible for taking photographs, locating and taking pictures of the state bird, tree, flower, etc. and blogging about their learning.  They’ll also find and cook a recipe from that state.  Then they can choose what kind of project they’d like to do for each state: a video, song, brochure, Powerpoint, book, etc. 

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