Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun Camping Activities

AKA... What do you DO all the time with 2 kids in a camper?

One of the things we love about camping is the price tag. With the economy as it is, many families have to forego family vacations altogether. Camping is the perfect solution. Sure, it would be great to go to Disney or Universal or some other amusement park for a week, but we can camp for a month or two on that hefty cost.  There are so many great family activities to do while camping that don’t cost a dime.  Here are our top ten favorites:

  • 1.       Go for a walk. It’s amazing the conversations that go on while walking. Sometimes it’s easier to discuss a serious topic while walking, almost nonchalantly. We have found that, if one child is misbehaving, moody, or sad, a walk with a parent usually clears it right up. Same goes for spouses as well! We also pick up trash while we walk. It’s appalling how much trash some campers can leave behind! We always seem to meet new and interesting people on our walks as well.

  • 2.       Play in the water. No, we don’t have a boat. Everyone is amazed at that. Yes, we would love one. But we have a great time swimming, splashing, floating, etc. We also love to snorkel in the lake. We each have a snorkel set and find fishing lures, goggles, toys, even money! That’s great for summertime, of course; but we also play in the rain during other seasons when swimming’s not a possibility. No thunderstorms, though!

  • 3.       Watch and listen to the wildlife. We throw out birdseed for the birds and squirrels and have a ball watching them. In fact, I’m fairly certain I was blessed out yesterday morning by 3 little birds. They flew all around my campsite, pecking and acting like they were looking for something. When I got them some birdseed, they rewarded me with a song! You can collect bugs, fallen flowers or plants, or even photograph the wildlife you encounter.
  • 4.       Play games. We have a game cabinet in the camper stocked with family board and card games. That’s probably my favorite thing to do with the kiddos. My guys also love to make up their own games. They’re currently playing one they’ve recently created called Jackpot. I’ll let them post the rules later!
  • 5.       Color or draw. I don’t care how old you are- everyone loves to color, even if they don’t want to admit it! Bring out a fresh box of crayons and everyone gets involved! You can make crayon rubbings of plants, bark, trees, leaves, etc.  Sidewalk chalk is a HUGE hit around here too…. Then you can draw hopscotch, tic tac toe, or hangman also!

  •  6.  Go fishing. 

  • 7.       
  • Make crafts. Like our Pinecone Bird Feeder, Jewelry, Beasley campground sign, windchimes, cloud dough....

  • 8.       Play ball. There are so many varieties- softball, baseball, kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, ladderball, croquet, and, our current favorite, bocce ball (think mobile horseshoes).
  • 9.       Go on a bike ride.
  • 10.   Just sit and talk… relax. Too many people today don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses, and so many parents are too busy working, cooking, cleaning, carpooling, yardworking, etc. to really talk and listen to their kids. I know I’ve been there many times. It’s something I have to fight to remember to do sometimes. But remember, time is love.

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