Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lesson #1 learned from camping

#1 Minimalism. We have a lot of junk. Really. There’s no other word for it. Right now, we’ve been on our current camping trip for 33 days now. We’ve been living in our camper, with trips home here and there to check on the pets, check the mail, and pick up this or that or wash laundry. In fact, of the past 68 days, we’ve been camping 57 of them.  We’ve gone to school, to work, to a wedding… So, pretty much, everything we need to survive fits into our 31 x 8 foot space. However, we have a two story house filled to the gills with… what? Stuff we don’t need.  Clutter. Junk. Unnecessary-ness. If we haven’t touched it in the past 68 days, other than sentimental items, photos, and seasonal clothing, do we really need it? Nope. Not a bit. And the thing is, we spent money on that stuff. We’ve spent time trying to organize it, clean around it. Why? You can’t organize clutter.  Oooh, I can't wait to say goodbye to our junk and full-time it!

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