Monday, June 4, 2012

Is everyone really on board?

Of course, our number one dream is to make hitting the road happen. It’s pretty much all we think about, and we talk as a family about our dream a great deal. We realize that this lifestyle is not for everyone. We know our family will think we are insane. We don’t personally know many other people (any?) who would be willing to let go of a permanent residence, downsize 90% of their possessions, and live 24-7 in a 31 by 8 foot Jayco Eagle. Brian and I feel that this was laid upon our hearts, but you may be wondering about how our kids feel. 

We would not even contemplate this if our kids weren’t 100% on board. Both kids are getting older and are getting to an age where friends are more and more important to them. But they are social butterflies who make friends easily, so we feel they’ll make tons of new friends on the road. Thank goodness for technology… they can Facebook, Twitter, blog, Skype, Face Time, call, or text… so they can stay in contact with all their friends, new and old. Campgrounds are such great places to meet people! We’re all excited to think of all the interesting new friends we’ll meet and adventures we'll have together to cement our family bond even more!

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