Friday, June 8, 2012

Under the Awning

So you’ve read the blog by now. My wife writes the lion’s share of it. My contribution will be the Under the Awning sections. My first little article I wanted to write is about our children, of course. If you’ve read the blog, you know about how our lives had gotten crazy. Between school and sports and chores and work and all the other things, we never had a moment with our kids. Which sounds crazy because we were together all the time but we were not together if that makes any sense. We seemed to be growing apart at a very alarming rate and no matter what Lisa and I did, we couldn’t seem to get them back. It was very upsetting. For instance, years ago, when I came home from work, the kiddos would race to see who would hug me first. That no longer was happening. I truly missed it.
                Well, spring break rolled around and for the first time in God only knows when we were able to spend 10 uninterrupted days together. No ball games, no school, no practices, no errands, no work, nothing. We all relaxed at the lake and had the most wonderful camping trip we’ve ever had. Things were blissful. We truly reconnected with our children. When we went back home, life was good for a day or so, then we fell back into our regular routine of being too busy again. So we came back camping the following weekend, but it wasn’t the same. We came back every weekend for two months, but just couldn’t seem to capture the feeling. It was only when we decided to stay camping during the week and drive back and forth to work and school (it was only 30 minutes further) that things started to change. Once school was out and all of us were here for good, we seemed to have the old family back from years ago, before sports and growing up.
                We are all smiling most of the time now. My children started hugging me randomly again. They want to do stuff together, and when we do, they enjoy it. We laugh and play games together, walk, fish, and  just hang out. All of which we wouldn’t be doing at our house.

So thank God for our Jayco 31 x 8…

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