Friday, June 8, 2012


Think waaaaaaay back now…Remember when you were a kid? Before all the pressures of work, and cleaning, and bills, and to do lists, and everything else that makes you forget how to relax? Remember when all you did was, well, whatever you wanted to? Remember when you just flopped down on the grass and stared up at the sky, imagining? Well, that’s your assignment for today. Grab the kiddos, take off your shoes, grab a blanket if you must, and plop down on the greenest, fluffiest patch of grass you can find. Put your hands behind your head and gaze at the clouds. What do you see? A lion? A person? A Rainbow? Forget about what time it is and what you need to do today. Listen to your kids point out the crazy shapes they see. Watch as those wispy puffs transform from one shape to another. Tell a story about all the pictures you can find in the clouds. Breathe. I mean, really breathe…. Deeply. Take in the fresh air. Take in the precious moments with your kiddos. Because, one day, you’re gonna miss this….
 See the weenie dog there? 

For another take on clouds….gee, I’m sensing a theme here J Check out
She has a great printable cloud map you can make. Print on photo paper, cut out the center window, stick a popsicle stick on it,  and hold it up to the sky. Through the window, you and the kiddos can identify each type of cloud. Way cool!

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