Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Full-time RV -ing.... in the front yard

For those who read our blog regularly, we've established that our family is different. We're okay with that. Really. If you've met anyone who loves camping more than we do, I'd like to meet 'em! In the words of my son, "You could say we like camping. I would say we cherish it!"
We're still working on the whole logistical aspect of the dream. Darn money. Our hosting gig is up for now, as the park is closed for the winter. We'll go back in February to get it ready to open, unless something works out for us to hit the road before then. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
We even hung our bucket light. See???

Our Jayco is parked in our front yard. You know, where people normally park their campers when not in use. The only difference is, our camper is in use. We have a perfectly nice, 3000+ square foot two story home. Roomy? Yes. With real beds for everyone? Yup. More TVs than people? Of course!
Yes, you are reading this correctly. Our family of four has chosen to sleep in a 31 by 8 foot travel trailer in our front yard instead of in our large, lovely home.
Can I tell you a secret? We have not slept in our home for seven months!
When we returned from our spring break camping trip, we were so energized and close, we didn't want to be apart. We secretly slept in the camper during the week and camped on the weekends. Then we camped during the week too and secretly drove back and forth to work. Then it was summer. Then we became hosts. Then half of us stayed at the campground all day and roadschooled while half of us went to real school. Then, the park closed for the winter.
And we are still camping. In our front yard. We still do laundry in the big house. But we spend our time in the camper house. Our camper feels like "home". Who needs a big house?
I know, by now, you have one question. WHY???
Because we're different. I told you that!
But, also, because there's just something cozy about all being in a 31 by 8 foot space together. We interact. We talk. We are family. It warms my heart to wake up in the middle of the night and be able to take 5 steps to reach my daughter, and two more steps to reach my son. I can look at them. I can cover them up. When morning comes, they're both within an arm's length to wake up in the morning. You can't sleep too late because someone's gonna wake you up (insert evil grin here). You can't go play in your bedroom for hours on end and ignore the rest of the family. You can't play video games until your eyes glaze over. You are forced to BE TOGETHER! And we love it.
Are we crazy? Maybe. Are we a loving, extremely close-knit family? Sure 'nuff! Will we continue to "full time" RV in our front yard? You betcha! (that is, until we figure out how to "full time" across the US and live our dream!)

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