Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Interview with Kids on the Road... Hunter Version

We were recently very excited to be contacted by a writer from Cobblestone Magazine, who is doing an article on families on the road. We were honored to be featured in it. She asked our kiddos some very interesting questions, so I thought I would share their responses here as well. I was surprised and touched by some of their answers.

•         What it is like to be a kid on the road? What does a normal day look like for you?
When I wake up, I see a peaceful, calm, quiet, relaxing lake. Every morning, I know that my parents are
so awesome, that they took me on this trip to happiness. I have a lot of chances to meet new friends on
the road. I get to spend a lot of time with my family. 

•         What is your favorite thing/way to study on the road? Do you work from a set curriculum? What are
you learning on the road that perhaps you couldn’t learn or experience in school?
My dad and I have Industrial Arts 101. He teaches me to fix all kinds of stuff, like dumping the sewage
tank, how to fix cars, fans, my bike, and how to work with tools. I learn life skills like cleaning, helping
out, washing dishes. I learn how to volunteer, meet new people, and how different people are. 

•         How did you make your rv into a home? How specifically have you decorated or individualized your
personal space (like your bunk bed or sleeping area, if you added bulletin boards, curtains, have special
stuffed animals, toys, etc.)?
I have Georgia Bulldog stuff all over my bed so everyone knows it’s mine. We put all our meals and
menus on the bulletin board.

•         Is it hard living so closely in a smaller space together with your family? What do you argue about
(and is this different from what you argued about when you were not on the road)?
It’s not hard at all. It’s perfect. You get used to living in a camper, so it’s really easy. Our camper is a little
bit small, but as soon as you live in it for a little while, you get used to it. This is the perfect lifestyle.

We argue about the air conditioner. Sometimes, when it gets time to go to bed, it’s too cold. Mom and
down run the air down so cold that us kids can’t bear it. It’s astonishingly cold. 

•         If you are rving with an end date in mind, do you miss your friends and your school? How do you stay
in touch with them?
No. When you live in a camper with your family, you meet friends along the way, but most of the time
they’ll go away. Really, your family is the only ones that you really care about. 

        Do you have certain chores you are responsible for? If so, what are they for each family member?
Every night, after dinner, we have to do the dishes and pick up after ourselves and make sure we don’t
leave any mess anywhere. We help pick up trash around the park. 

•         What have been your favorite stops along the way?
Hart State Park. Lakey Lakey Hart. Because of all of the unique, beautiful places here. 

•         What has been the very best moment of your adventure so far?
Spending time with my family. On the beach, in my favorite shirt, watching the sun set, it was so perfect, it
made me think, “I’m glad to be on this earth.”

What has been the worst moment?
Nothing. Everything has been perfect. Well, there is one. Cleaning out the sewage tank.

•         Do you have any tips to share with other kids along the way to make it easier for them to adjust to an
adventure on the road?
Always listen to your parents. Be prepared for anything, because you never know what’s gonna happen
on the road. The main best thing ever is to have fun.

Is there one item you are glad you brought and couldn’t do without?
My bike. I can travel and do tricks on it.

•         What have you learned during this adventure? Has it changed the way you see or relate to people in
your family?
I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I’ve also learned to try as hard as you can to have fun.

My family has gotten to know each other a lot better. Even though we lived in the same big ol’ house, it’s
way different living in a small camper. We really know each other now, not just existing with each other.

•         Would you ever want to do this again?
Oh, yeah! I would love to camp every day of my life. I love to do this so much, I will cherish it every day of
my life, until the day I die. 

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