Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Festival Games: Halloween Luck

Finding a DIY game for the fall festivals, school or church carnivals, etc. is always tough. You want a game that's fun, easy and cheap to make and play, and unique. There's always a bean bag toss and fishing game at these types of events. In this series, I'll provide you with ideas and directions to make two fun, unique, and cheap Fall Festival games.  They're also fun to just play as a family, or at a birthday party.

My sweet daughter invented this game all by herself. After playing it, I'm quite impressed.
She took a square cardboard box (ok, technically a cube) and painted it orange. Once the paint dried, she painted different Jack O'Lantern faces on each side of the box. She also took two pumpkin buckets (like the kind used to make Jack O'Lamp-erns. In one bucket, she put slips of paper listing the faces (vampire teeth, circle mouth, triangle nose, etc.). In the other bucket, she put slips of paper with various challenges. (Do a toe-touch, play patty-cake with the wall, do a cartwheel, hop on one foot and sing a Christmas song... your imagination is really the limit here!)

How to play the game:
Players take turns drawing a slip of paper with which face they need to roll. They toss the dice into the air (no cheatsies!). If it lands on the correct face, they win a prize or get a point, depending on how you're playing. If they don't land on the right face, they must draw out and challenge and complete it. (I'd give them a prize after they completed the challenge if they're good sports.)

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