Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to Make a Peace Sign Ice Cream Cake

While camping, none the less...

You need: a round pan, 2 cartons of ice cream, sprinkles, and frosting.
Let the ice cream melt SLIGHTLY. Spread one flavor in the bottom (I used Cookies and Cream), then another flavor on top (I used Birthday Cake). Smooth out the top, then sprinkle with sprinkles (ha ha!). Put in the freezer for a few hours till re-solidified or until you're ready to serve.
When you're ready to serve, get out your icing. I cheated, since we're in a camper and all, and didn't feel like making homemade icing and dragging out all the little tips. I bought a $3 can of white frosting that comes with all the tips. I used a flower tip to go around the cake, and a ribbon tip for the peace sign. Add more sprinkles (you can never have enough sprinkles!), and BRAVO! A beautiful, easy peasy, and YUMMY cake! The girls declared it the Best. Cake. Ever.

 I recommend blowing out IMAGINARY candles, since it is ice cream...
Yep, I'd say it's good!

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