Friday, September 21, 2012

Biscuits on a Stick- Campfire Cookin'

A fellow camper shared this "recipe" with us this summer, and we fell in love with it!
Biscuits on a Stick!
 You need biscuits, butter, and jelly if you want it.
 Take a canned biscuit, grease your hands with butter, then roll the biscuit up like you would a playdough snake.
Butter the cooking end of your stick. Start at the end, and wrap your biscuit snake around the stick. You want it to be in a tight coil, with the end closed off. Press together as needed to seal.
 Roast over a fire till done. You'll know it's done when it slides off the stick easily.
 Fill with butter or jelly (the squeezey kind works best) and enjoy!

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