Saturday, February 16, 2013

How Much Stuff Can Fit in a 31 by 8 Foot Jayco Travel Trailer??

Warning: Messiness ahead! If you are a neat freak (I so wish I was), please stop reading. What you are about to see is likely to offend you.

Still with me? OK. Don't say I needn't warn you! Now, please understand. We're not messy people, per se. We're not dirty, nasty folks. We keep a clean camper. But we seem to accumulate a lot of stuff.

We're starting our new hosting gig in 13 days-YAY! Remember, we've been full-time RV-ing in the front yard for about 5 months now. And we've been in the camper for 11 months straight! We decided it was time to take everything out of our Jayco, clean it top to bottom, and then reevaluate what we really need to put back in the camper. Everything needs a good overhaul in the organization department. We have two desktop computers for roadschooling we need to incorporate somewhere, and a billion other things we need.

So, we have literally taken everything out of the camper that wasn't nailed down. It took.... are you ready for this?....
70 trips (between all four of us)

Yes, you read that right. Seventy loads of stuff.

 This is embarrassing.... but have a look... Don't worry, we will organize it. But for now, we just wanted it out!

The "junk drawer". Jayco owners' manuals, 22 candles, an air horn...

 Yes, you see a spice rack and 38 plastic bags.
Food- that's OK, right???
 17 notebooks, umpteen cable wires, ....
 Enough play dough to stock a daycare, bubbles, ice cream churns (yes, two!)
Everybody needs a giant TV box and straws in their camper, right?

 Literally 28 blankets for four people
 A two foot tall bag of toiletries

Enough clothes for an entire daycare
 18 pillows

 Hey, this one is a must have....our 4 inch memory foam mattress topper!
75 plus DVDs.

Some of the stuff I can't believe was even in there.


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