Friday, December 7, 2012

Elf on the Shelf plays Handmade Backyard Giant Scrabble

Our Elf on the Shelf, Delfie, decided to get into a new game we made, Backyard (Campground) Giant Scrabble. We made large letter tiles out of construction paper and laminated them so we can play them outdoors at the campsite.

We decided we'd just play based on number of letters in words, so we omitted the whole points for each letter thing.

Want to make your own? You may want to know what the letter distribution is:

  • A-9      B-2     C-2     D-4      E-12     F-2    G-3     H-2     I-9     J-1     K-1     L-4      M-2     N-6
  • O-8      P-2    Q-1     R-6     S-4      T-6        U-4   V-2     W-2    X-1    Y-2     Z-1     Blank-2
  • We messed with the above a little, so it's not "true" Scrabble. We added a few more letters here and there as desired, but that's the basic recipe. 

    Planning on making your own? We' d love to see them. Post pics on our Facebook page, or leave us a comment and we'll come check out your page!

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