Friday, December 7, 2012

Creative EASY Christmas Countdown Chain Tree

A little twist on the traditional countdown to Christmas paper chain... a paper chain tree!
It's very simple, almost self- explanatory! You will need: 16 strips of green paper (mine was about 9 x 1 inches), 1 strip yellow, 5 strips red, and 3 strips brown.
Starting at the top, make 1 yellow loop.
Attach to it 1 green.
Hang 2 greens off that loop.
Secure the 2 greens with a horizontal green loop.
Off each of the 2 green vertical loops (that are secured with a horizontal loop), hang 1 red and green loop.
Attach 1 green loop to each green loop above it. Attach both reds above to 1 green loop (there are 3 green loops in this row).
Secure the 3 greens with 2 horizontal green loops.
Hang 1 red and 1 green from each of the green loops above.
Hook the center 2 red and green loops together with a brown loop (2 browns in this row).
Secure the 2 browns with a horizontal brown loop.
That's it! It took me longer to type it than it does to make it!

This model has 25 loops (I like to have one left on Christmas day.) You can also make a smaller version if you're a little late in getting your countdown up!

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