Friday, December 7, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Adventures

Our elf, Delfie, appeared this year in our Christmas tree! We had tagged it before Thanksgiving. When we went to cut it down the day after Turkey Day, look who was just hanging out in the tree!

He has been up to some adventures, let me tell you!

So far, this year, he has:

  • Slept with our new kittens (mama cat seemed quite suspicious of the intruder!)
  • Made a hammock out or unmentionables
  • Worn the "We Will Get Along Shirt" to let the kiddos know that he knows they were misbehaving
  • Snuggled under the tree and read Tuck Everlasting, which Hunter is reading for Roadschool
  • Had a hot tub party with the Barbies
  • Lined up all the red and green Hot Wheels
  • Played Giant Backyard Scrabble
  • Made duck tape bow tie, bracelets, and legwarmers for himself, as well as a Duct Tape Tree for the wall
  • Hidden in candy dishes and the washer
  • Made a candy cane swing
Do YOU have an Elf on the Shelf? What has he been up to? Share in the comments or post pics to our facebook page!

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