Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reflections on 663 days of full time RVing...

Today marks Day 663 of full-time RVing! All within a 60 mile radius. At this point, I wonder- is our dream doable?  I wish I had something exciting to say, reports of all the cool places we've traveled or adventures we've had.  I so enjoy reading other fulltime families' blogs and living vicariously through all the places we dream of taking our family. That, more than anything else, has kept me from posting. Honestly, our absence from our campsite here on the web has been a time of reflection, ups and downs, changes in plans, and questioning if this is what we were meant to do. More than once in the past few months, we've asked ourselves, "Are we crazy?", knowing the answer is probably YES!

So, here's a quick status update- We hosted at "our" park through September, with plans to spend the six months while our park is closed at another park. At the last minute, we realized that the park did not have internet access at our site (which we had been erroneously told it did) and had to cancel. When we went home, we discovered our house had been overrun with mold while we were gone. We decided to park our camper in my MIL's back yard for a while while the mold was being remediated. That was in mid-September. The mold is gone, and we are still here- living in a camper in my MIL's yard. Yep, I know- sounds bat crud crazy, right? We've loved being here with my MIL- it's been amazing, for all of us. The current plan is to get rid of the house, buy a new camper, and head back to the lake in February.

The past 652 days have been great phenomenal, and I wouldn't trade them for the "traditional" lifestyle. We've had many milestones this year- a wonderful summer camping/ hosting at the lake, roadschooled Madison into Beasley Camping Charter School, celebrated Hunter's 13th Birthday and our first Christmas totally in the camper (with a full-size tree, no less), visited every RV dealership in a 400 mile radius in search of the perfect camper. 

Initially, when we felt led to embark on this whole crazy dream, it seemed like we were making a lot more progress toward hitting the road. It seems like our progress has stalled- we've been questioning whether this crazy dream is in God's plan for us. We sure hope it is. Over the summer, our business seemed to be expanding- for a few months, at least. We put the blog on the back burner to deal with growing our business.
Then things slowed down for the business. We were getting some press and media attention about our lifestyle  and the dream. Then things slowed down for the blog- so, instead of working harder, we got overwhelmed and left it on the back burner. I know, not smart. So here is where we are- we still 100% want to continue full time RVing. We would love to hit the road, but are tethered by a sticks and bricks job. We're praying for some guidance- first of all, Is this indeed God's plan for us? Secondly, how (financially) do we make this happen? So, if you are prayer warriors, please consider praying those requests for us.

I've felt let to dust off the blog and try it again. So, expect to hear more from us! We've got some ideas about a non-profit organization related to camping families, as well as some new camping products and resources for roadschooling and homeschooling families. Are we sharing adventures and exploits from across this beautiful nation? Not yet. But maybe someday soon. Do we have plenty to say about the family camping lifestyle? You betcha!
Happy camping!

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