Monday, November 12, 2012

What is roadschooling?

What is roadschooling?
Roadschooling is homeschooling, on the road. It means taking where you are, at any moment in time, and turning that into a learning experience. Roadschooling means recognizing that life is all about learning. It’s taking the tiny, teachable moments, and turning them into life lessons.

Find a cool piece of fungus? Research it! Pick it. Experiment with it!
A fan breaks? Fix it. 
Studying weather, rocks, erosion, weathering, life cycles, etc.? Go outside and look for examples!
Find hawk/owl pellets containing a skeleton? Put it back together and figure out what it is.
Are you traveling in an area affected by a drought? Discuss what a drought is and what signs you see of the drought. How does it affect the lives of those in the area? Repeat with tornado, flood, hurricane, etc.  
Need to go shopping? Teach your kids the life skill of reading labels and comparing prices. 
Traveling to one of America’s great wonders, like the Grand Canyon? How was it formed? Can you see the layers of sedimentary rock? 
Need to get gas? How many miles per gallon does your vehicle get? How many more does it get when you’re not towing your camper behind? 
Cooking dinner? Teach the kiddos to help. Incorporate fractions, measurement, and heat sources. 
Traveling through Gettysburg? Learn about the Civil War.

Roadschooling is meeting your children’s instructional needs in the way that’s best for them. It can be as structured or as unstructured as you want it to be. It can follow a traditional homeschool day, with set subjects at specific times. It can be more like unschooling, where children follow their own interests and learn in a more unstructured manner. Repeat this with me: there’s no right or wrong!


  1. My thought exactly! I love that we get to Roadschool. So far it has been almost 2 years and we are still going strong. Of course with Blogs like yours it helps keep me remembering why we live the life we do and that there are others like us :)

    Great Post!

    ~> You should check out this Roadschooling Facebook page~>

    Just found it, but Love it!

  2. Keri- So glad to hear from someone else who's roadschooling. It's great you have been on the road for 2 years! Thanks for the FB group info... checking it out now! Loving your science blog- that has always been my fave subject to teach!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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