Monday, November 12, 2012

Top ten reasons why fall camping is unbe-leave-able:

There’s something wonderful about camping in the fall. It’s like a picnic for your senses! 
Top ten fifteen reasons why fall camping is unbe-leave-able:
  1. The leaves are beautiful to look at. Gotta love fall foliage!
  2. You hear them crunching underfoot as you walk.
  3. You smell the campfire... mmmh!
  4. It’s actually cool enough to enjoy said campfire.
  5. Can't you just feel the cool, crisp air? You feel more alive as soon as you step out the door!
  6. You taste all the yummy fall dishes, like chili, crockpot meals, or soup.
  7. You actually want to be outside. It's not hot enough to melt crayons.
  8. Two words: Leaf Piles
  9. You can camp at different campgrounds/ campsites in the fall. You pick a campground not for its proximity to water, but for its view or its leaves. 
  10. Campgrounds are generally less crowded. We <3 meeting new people when we camp, but it's nice to know the campgrounds probably won't fill up before we can get there. And, sometimes, you get lower rates for the off-season!
  11. The days are still relatively warm. You'll probably have a lucky day here and there where you can still wear shorts and flip flops. Aaah, flip flops....
  12. You get to pull out those sweaters, fleece pullovers, and hoodies.
  13. Snuggling. 'Nuff said. Zip those sleeping bags together and stay warm!
  14. What better time to drink hot cocoa than on a fall camping trip? Or spiced apple cider? Yummm!
  15. There's nothing to do! No, that's not a complaint. There's no swimming, hustle & bustle, or busy-ness. Fall is a time to slow down and relax....

So, what are you waiting for? Go camping!

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